Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission is to achieve a diverse and inclusive society that supports women’s leadership styles and women’s impact on society. We live in a society where racism, sexism, economic inequality, misogyny and sexual harassment are part of daily life.  Together we can create environments that will help identify gender and racial barriers in your organization, prioritize resources, make a plan, access the resources your organization needs, and develop and implement the diversity and inclusion goals specific to your organization or coalition.

Strong Women Action Network provides diversity and inclusion assessment and technical assistance to the government, corporations, academia, civic groups and non-profit organizations. We talked to hundreds of women, especially women of color, who are struggling to figure out how to move forward with their personal and professional lives. One of the biggest barriers they identified is the lack of policies that address diversity, inclusion, racial and gender structural barriers where they work.

Our assessment and the technical assistance we provide to reach your goals are tailored to your specific organization and focus on policies and cultural norms that are barriers for women and people of color to reach positions of power. Below is a sample of potential phases of this approach.

  • Phase 1: Initiate Project and Define Success
  • Phase 2: Communication and Development of Staff Buy-in
  • Phase 3: Begin Diversity and Inclusion Project Implementation
  • Phase 4: Diversity and Inclusion Interim Reporting and Evaluation
  • Phase 5: Implement Technical Assistance and Coaching Plan
  • Phase 6: Project Evaluation, Reporting, and Next Steps

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