Individual Coaching

Strong Women Action Network believes individual coaching is essential to support women in positions of power. Our individual coaching program is a key element of our mission. Coaching is a personalized process that will help you navigate your personal challenges, identify your strengths, assess your priorities and help you be more effective in your personal and professional life. It is about looking inside of you to achieve long-term excellence, greater impact, adjust strategy, learn new skills, manage your time, prioritize your work and find a balance between self-care and workload. It is based on mutual trust and respect, relationship-building, and personal assessment of the individual and the coach. The goal is to help you be effective and fulfilled as you are faced with increased responsibility and power.

Strong Women Action Network offers several options for individual coaching. Our focus is women, especially women of color, who are ready to move forward with their personal and professional goals. The first step is a phone or Zoom video conference meeting to establish if our individual coaching program is the best option for you at this time. If it is, we will develop a coaching plan that is unique to you, with specific outcomes and timeline.

The next step is to decide which one of the following options is best for you:

  • Five 45 minute sessions that will include but will not be limited to an in-depth assessment of your current situation, prioritizing what is important and will have the biggest impact, and identifying additional skills and/or strategies
  • As needed access to a coach as you move forward in your professional and personal life
  • A series of frequent sessions to address emergency, supervision, transitional points, challenges or opportunities that need immediate attention.

Thank you for your interest in individual coaching. It is an essential process that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Questions? Please click here for more information on Strong Women Action Network’s individual coaching program.