Sponsored Programs

To address gender and power issues at the corporate, institution, nonprofit, state or electoral level Strong Women Action Network provides programs that fit the needs of your organization or state.  Corporations, foundations, organizations, donors, circles of support at the state level, coalitions or membership organizations can sponsor these programs. The programs address teamwork, individual coaching needs, gender and racial barriers and leadership development plans tailored to your specific needs.  For example:

Diversity and inclusion assessment and technical assistance is also available

Sponsored regional, state and/or local retreats connect diverse women, increase their skills, help develop specific gender and racial focused campaigns, provide a safe and nurturing environment to create personal and professional strategic plans, serve as a medium to strengthen groups that belong to coalitions and alliances and identify what kind of support is needed for women to continue to move into positions of power at the organizational, state and local levels.  The retreats can be sponsored by corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations or donors. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a regional or state retreat for women leaders please send an e-mail to Lupe Lopez at llopez@swan-web.org.

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