Circles of Support at the State Level

In 2017 we started work in Arizona, California, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, and Oregon.  Our plan is to expand to an additional two to five states in 2018 depending on resources.  Our 10-year plan is to create a 50 state network focused on supporting women across age, ethnicity, gender identity, economic status, and professions. As the next step in women’s leadership development, women, especially women of color, need supports systems at the local level to achieve greater impact in their communities. SWAN’s Circles of Support are the first step in that process.

Please click here if you want to adopt a state or if you want more information on how we work with women leaders at the state level. If you, your organization or coalition/alliance is interested in sponsoring a Circle of Support or are interested in other Strong Women Action Network’s programs in a specific state, please click here for more information.